Who writes this stuff?

Mark Timpany writes this stuff. That’s me. I’ve been working on the technical side of broadcast all my life and came to think fondly of Afghanistan after an overland-to-India trip in 1973. The chance to come back to Kabul in 2011 and help Internews Network set up radio and television stations was too good to pass up.

This blog provides an opportunity to share some of the current photographs from Asia along with those collected in Kodak Carousel trays from years past. (Thank you ScanCafe.)

The blog format makes for an easy way to assemble a large collection of photographs and comments by the dilettante who lacks the discipline to create a book. It allows material to be put together in something of a piece meal manner and lets the reader sample as much or as little as suits their shared interests. (Thank you WordPress.)

Here’s hoping you will find something here that you like as ‘Alas Bamiyan’ continues to grow.


1 thought on “Who writes this stuff?

  1. Hi Mark,
    This may not be the best way to establish contact, but here goes.
    We have a lot in common, an interest in photography, a working life in broadcast engineering, travels in central Asia, the far east and the Indian subcontinent.
    We also have the same great grandparents.
    Your posting of Old Kilpatrick photos was the final push for me to send this.
    If you are interested in following this up, I can explain in full. Perhaps better to correspond direct via e-mail.

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