McLuhan in 12 Minutes, a slide show

Done! I finally managed to make use of Corel VideoStudio to get a slide show with an audio track made into an MP4 product. A bit more converting of slides into digital and I may no longer have to worry about what might be the archival properties of Kodachrome slides when stored in other than ideal conditions. I may be able to dispense with the aging Kodak Ektagraphic projector. I don’t have a decent surface on which to project anyway.

McLuhan in 12 Minutes was another project done for Charles Holzbog’s Art 480 class at UW-Parkside around the beginning of 1971. It is derived from Marshall McLuhan and Quentin Fiore’s book The Medium is the Massage published by Bantam Books in 1967. My project offered a different visual treatment for the media effects McLuhan describes in that book and in some of his other works.


McLuhan clip

As noted in the previous post, Organik and Parkside!, two other Chuck Holzbog class projects, can also be found as MP4 files now. All of them are available in the Video category files at

I have become a convert to digital imaging and will never want to go back to the use of silver halides. Still, I can never open a bottle of vinegar without thinking, “stop bath.” Is that another media effect?


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