Kedutaan Besar Kabul

The Indonesian Embassy in Kabul offers a sample of the culture of the archipelago in the middle of Kabul. If you know a member of the small community of Indonesians living in Kabul you may have the pleasure of an invitation to the Embassy for dinner or perhaps a game of volleyball. This is the only place in the city to sample authentic Indonesian food with spices brought in by those shuttling between Afghanistan and home.

The photos here bring back memories of Jakarta.

Indonesians do well in front of the camera.

Afghans are not adventurous eaters. A tray of Kabuli Pulao and a stack of naan is there for those that don’t want to stray too far from the norm.

Some of our hosts and Jennifer Glasse who is now found on Al Jazeera.

Most everyone likes Indonesia and Indonesians. However, the Embassy is located next to the Indian Embassy which continues to be a popular target for attack. I had to take this photo to show that what was in the camera case was really a camera. This photo turned out quite well.

Seating at an Indonesian gathering may consist of chairs lined up at the edge of the room.

The sweets table always bears scrutiny.


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