Dal Lake

In 1973 I did not get over to Dal Lake. In 2011 I stayed at the Dal Lake Resort. It was conveniently booked on Agoda and provided the opportunity for a four kilometer walk into town each day. The trip back (uphill) was typically done by auto rickshaw, or bajai as they are known to those who have spent time in Indonesia. (Bajaj is an Indian manufacturer who makes these three-wheeled passenger transporters.)

Dal Lake was lacking in water. When I visited there was not enough water for even a single houseboat like you would find on the Dal Lake in Srinagar. But the area was pleasant and away from the busy town that McLeod Ganj had become. The sunrise and sunset views from the hotel were gorgeous. An inexpensive breakfast could be had a short walk from the hotel at a friendly, family-run Tibetan restaurant. If I took the slightly longer route into town I could walk on the grounds of the Church of St. John in the Wilderness. I even managed to venture to Naddi, a little further off the western tourist trail. Aside from the chorus of dogs exchanging greetings at sunset it was a quiet section of Upper Dharamsala.


Broadcast Tower and Dal Lake Resort

I guess it is appropriate for me to pick a location near a broadcast tower. The building in the center is the Dal Lake Resort.


Dry Dal Lake

I did mention it was dry, didn’t I?


Paddle Swan at Dal Lake

In wetter days you could paddle a swan around the lake.


Dog at Dal Lake


Cow at Dal Lake

Let’s end this sequence with a tourist quality scenic photo . . . something that will make everyone want to visit or revisit Dal Lake.


Sunset at Dal Lake Resort

. . . or is it sunrise?

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