Afghanistan 1975 – 03/13 – Trains

The route from Paris to Istanbul and most of the travel across Turkey was by train. In 1973 I was able to do the Istanbul to Trabzon connection by boat. Nice modes of travel – neither of which are available at my destination. Afghanistan is land locked and never managed to install much rail line.

0029 Orient Express

My traveling companion on some of the last miles of the Paris to Istanbul train. After I had been fasting for most of the trip he offered me some of his Slivovitz. That made the next few hundred miles something of a blur.

0063 Turkey-Iran

The Turkish countryside as seen from the doorway of our train.

0065 Turkey-Iran - railway siding discussion

I don’t know what was being discussed here on the railway siding. The stops in the small towns along the way made for a pleasant break in the train travel.

0066 Turkey-Iran

The train through Turkey is not as restful as the boat on the Black Sea but it surely beats the bus ride.

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