Afghanistan 1975 – 07/13 – Kandahar

I didn’t expect that I would be returning to spend much time in Kandahar. The city is represented by only three photographs here and was primarily just a place to rest a few days between long bus trips across the southern route between Herat and Kabul. I’m writing this in Kandahar where I will be working at the NATO base for at least another nine months. The country has seen the Soviets come and go, gone through a period of civil war, and seen the lengthy presence of foreign forces since these photos were taken. I don’t expect to be venturing out to do the classic before and after pictures nor will I be doing the trip to Kabul by bus while in Afghanistan on this visit.

0094 Afghanistan - Kandahar hotel room view

A classic tourist photo. This was the view from the hotel room window. I asked one of the people I work with if they could identify the hotel and they thought it was somewhere in Zabul. I thought the fort in the background would make it easy to identify the location.

0093 Afghanistan - Kandahar

Though not obvious, this photo fits the category of pictures taken from the hotel room window. No need to search out transport to the terminal when it was time for the bus trip to Kabul.

0095 Afghanistan - Kandahar

Somewhere in Kandahar



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