Afghanistan 1975 – 06/13 – Herat

Herat is a good word to use to check the presence of auto-correcting spell checkers in your word processing application. Most of them would like you to use the word Heart. I guess the spell checkers were all set up before Herat got much mention in the West.

0087 Afghanistan - Herat

Herat 01

0089 Afghanistan - Herat

Herat 02

0090 Afghanistan - Herat

Herat 03

0091 Afghanistan - Herat

Herat 04

0092 Afghanistan - Herat

I have just one Herat photo that is not of the Citadel. The Herat Citadel has been recently restored and does not look the same any more. A visit to do before and after photographs would make a nice trip.



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    • All that I have are posted here and at I wish I had more as well. Thanks for your comments.

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