ISO 6400 and then some

ISO 6400 is something with which I had no experience in the world of film. That’s the fastest equivalent film speed setting in my new little camera. It allowed me to take some hand held photographs in available darkness. I could never have done this with results this good in the film days.

Of course, you might ask why I didn’t just invest in a tripod and keep all the noise to a minimum. Good question. A tripod is always a nice thing except when you are tired of lugging it with you every place to go. I was fascinated with the technology that let me do this. There’s even some chroma visible. That’s something you don’t get when you are push processing Tri-X.

Are those orbs in the foreground?

Yes, Virginia, that is color evident in the photograph.

ISO 6400 and a fairly decent dynamic range.

Both color and dynamic range. Imagine!

I am starting to like my new little Olympus E-P1. Next week it goes to Sri Lanka to see if it takes to travel photography. I think it will do just fine.



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