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I received an email request from the creator of my favorite Afghanistan film, Afghanistan – touch down in flight. Lukas Augustin is seeking initial funding for another film, this one documenting the work done by Tom Little in Nuristan.

Let me excerpt the details in his words;

I am at the moment doing a follow up with people who embedded our first short film Afghanistan – Touch down in flight. A lot has happened since then and we have been on many different smaller and bigger projects but this one is new and different for us and we hope you can help us.

Almost a year ago now we were asked by a PBS producer from New York to make our first feature documentary about a man who lived for more than three decades in Afghanistan to deliver eye care to many especially in remote villages. After Tom Little accessed Nuristan for several times, (one of the remotest regions in Afghanistan) he and his team were murdered. 
We met the widow Libby Little in New York and interviewed several others and with archive footage and some of our previous stuff we made our first trailer. We hope to get enough pledges by people from around the world in order to go back to Afghanistan and shoot that film. 
We think Tom Little’s story needs to be told. We want to see what is this man’s legacy but not only that we want to show what drove that man to dedicate his life to the people of Afghanistan. We also want to raise the question of what will be left of the work of thousands of NGOs and humanitarian aid when the foreign forces leave in 2014. Was it sustainable or will this country descend into chaos again?
As we also showed in Touch down in flight we want to go beyond making a conventional documentary but we want to use also an artistic approach, we want to try new techniques and we hope to present both the Western as well as the Afghan side well.

If you have viewed Afghanistan – touch down in flight you can appreciate the significance of having Augustin Pictures return to Afghanistan on another film making venture. If you have not seen the film, there is a link on the Kickstarter page that let’s you view in HD. Here is the Kickstarter page;

Kickstarter page for The Hard Places


Let me pass along some other Augustin Pictures links;

Vimeo page

Facebook page

Lukas Augustin page

Lukas Augustin blog

I hope that you might pass along these links to your friends and associates who have an interest in Afghanistan and film. Afghanistan – touch down in flight captured the beauty of this country which called me back here to work after visits here almost forty years previous. I can only think that The Hard Places will be an equally impressive film.


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